It’s also a great idea to designate a specific timeframe for the meeting. If you say that you will begin at 9 am and end by 11 am, stick to it. A set timeframe allows workers to schedule their work-from-home days effectively.

remote work fatigue

Employers can provide support by showing that they care and taking an interest in the well-being of remote employees. Connection through regular video calls and asking for honest feedback about how home-based employees are feeling is a step in the right direction. Setting up a personalized, dedicated workspace makes remote workers feel better during work and personal hours alike. An inexpensive storage box keeps workplace odds and ends corralled by day.

Don’t stay inside all day

If you’re nomadic, bear in mind that travel can be stressful without the added burden of having to think about work at airport terminals, or break out your laptop on a train. Seeing some nice scenery and touring picturesque cities might be fun, but it’s also a distraction. Besides, the human mind is wired to adapt to just about anything.

Jason has also been featured in publications including NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company. Shifting to remote work has caused all of us to lose some precious face-to-face time. To compensate, we got into the habit of scheduling meetings for just about anything. Whether it’s a status update, catching up, or solving a problem, these meetings can easily pile up.

Remote working fatigue and how to reduce and manage it

Keep social activities optional and embrace some low-key options for engagements, like polls on who had the best silly outfit. Break up workplace monotony and isolation by incorporating social activities into your everyday work routine. Set up a dedicated chat thread that’s devoted to anything but work. Establish it up as a place to chat about food, sports, pets, movies, and more. When possible, arrange a time to meet up in person to talk about these very things. An afternoon in the park or a colleague’s backyard costs nothing and allows for social distancing where mandated.

remote work fatigue

Try minimizing your screen, turning off the grid option or turning off your camera to relieve the stress of constantly being observed. A year later, the shine of remote working has dulled for many people. What gave us a surge of energy during the first lockdown became more of a strain during the subsequent two. Baking bread in April 2020 has been replaced with a sense of anxiety in 2021.

Stay connected—beyond Zoom

Eric is a NYC-based editor and writer, with years of experience in career-focused content development across a wide range of industries. FlexJobs has provided expert advice and consultation for remote businesses of every shape and size since 2007. Remote workers across the globe will recognize the sense of fatigue and resignation captured by American poet Amy Gerstler in the opening lines of “Night Heron,” a new work. Being overconfident and biting off more than you can chew is never a good idea. I thought I could handle everything right until the moment I ended up in hospital.

  • This same survey of 1500 respondents by Mental Health America (MHA) and Flexjobs, has shown how widespread burnout can be.
  • The same goes for office workers; their co-workers will likely spot symptoms of burnout early on.
  • With time saved (and hassles avoided) by not having to commute, remote workers are more likely to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.
  • We talked to experts to learn more about the short-term impact of WFH and what can be done to make remote work better.

This may take getting used to and feel a bit strange in the beginning, but it’s necessary. You need to work on keeping your remote team informed and included both for their morale, and for you to maximize the ideas, abilities, and knowledge of your team. In one of their surveys, Gallup asked people if they would look for a new job if their employer stopped offering remote-work options. Over one in four office workers (27%) say that they are enjoying work less since the start of the pandemic.

Close out all extraneous applications and browser tabs, put your phone out of reach and turn off any other distractions to help you concentrate on only one activity. Getting a break from your normally scheduled Zoom discussions might just be the change of pace you need, explains Stratton. As the world continues to function in this new pandemic era, Stratton suggests implementing these six tactics to help alleviate work-from-home stress and technology exhaustion. “We’re experiencing some technology fatigue, too, because we’re using it in every aspect of our lives now,” Stratton says. Becoming an editor for InfoQ was one of the best decisions of my career. I started writing news for the InfoQ .NET queue as a way of keeping up to date with technology, but I got so much more out of it.

Are remote jobs more stressful?

However, that correlation varies by country, and employee engagement is only one factor of many. Around the globe, remote and hybrid workers are more likely to experience high levels of stress than fully on-site workers (43% and 45%, respectively, compared to 38%)—despite reporting higher engagement.

If you’re an extrovert working from home for extended periods, you’re like a battery missing its charger (other people). People have been meeting on video calls 50% more since Covid-19 started in 2020. “Last year, all teams were forced into remote work as a result of the global pandemic. Lighthouse provided a platform to connect in a recorded manner that proved easy to track. Finally, participants in Buffer’s survey believe they are in more meetings than ever.

However, the virtualization of office-centric work design is compromising employee well-being. Investing in virtual tools to drive productivity — as 84% of HR leaders have done — has only increased the exposure of employees to many of these distractions. While many of us have changed how we work, where we work has also changed. What started as “work from home” evolved into “work from anywhere.” Places like Aruba tempted remote workers with no visa fees and stunning beach views. Cities such as Tulsa, Oklahoma, offered as much as $10,000 for remote workers to relocate.

remote work fatigue

Fortunately, companies are recognizing the downsides to remote video collaboration and are taking steps to overcome a lot of the “non-verbal overload” that’s causing fatigue. Microsoft, for example, has created Together mode, which puts participants in a shared background to reduce distractions and create feelings of togetherness. Early results suggest that it takes less effort for the brain to participate in a meeting in Together mode than in traditional grid views. However, no style of work is the ultimate solution, and with the onset of remote work, the boundaries between one’s professional and personal life are blurred.